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Hello to all of my doggie chums out there,

My name's Whiskey and I'm the top dog here at Cadair View Lodge in Snowdonia.  I came to live in Snowdonia in December 2008 (I came from Dog's Trust in Leeds) and now I wouldn't live anywhere else... it's doggie heaven!

Do you have trouble finding somewhere to take your family away for a break, where you'll be welcomed too?  Well this is the place to come.  Call your family over now to see this dog's guide to Snowdonia and to see why Cadair View Lodge is the place to stay.

Great news... doggies can now bring a friend when they come to stay... YES - THE RULES HAVE CHANGED... WE CAN NOW HAVE 2 DOGS TO STAY PER CABIN!!

At Cadair View Lodge there are several pet friendly log cabins
Caban Eryri - this cabin is great for doggies who get tired after long walkies.  It's right next to its car parking space.  It has a nice sunny deck for snoozing on.
Cadair View Lodge - I've been told that there's a big wooden sleigh bed in the double bedroom but as I'm not allowed in the bedrooms I can't say for certain.  What I do know is that Dad did lots of shouting when he was building it + none of it was at me!  Big deck now complete.  New kitchen has been finished.  There's space in this cabin for a dog crate if you are one of those doggies who prefers to sleep in one.  Great place for sun bathing - you can move right the way around the cabin and stay in the sun all day!
Haulfryn - a cabin with great views and a big deck. Your family can park their car just along the path from this cabin.  There's under floor heating in the kitchen too... lovely for cold paws.
Sunset View - another one with great views off the deck.  This cabin has a hedged garden with a gate too.  My friend Oscar used to live here and he said that there's some very interesting smells around the borders... he thinks that it might be hedgehog!  Had the hedgehog bit confirmed by another doggie friend, Alfie's Dad said that  Alfie saw a hedgehog in the garden on his first night and wasn't sure about going in the garden after that.  These urban doggies!!
Y Ffrwd - this is a big cabin with 3 bed rooms.  It is next to the stream!!  Maybe not the place for an excitable puppy who will always want to be dipping its paws but a nice peaceful part of the Village to lay on the deck and chill.

Our Pet Friendly Cabins Are Always The First To Fill - BOOK NOW


We have to stay on our leads around the Holiday Village but that's just to stop our families from worrying about us scaring car drivers and to stop us from getting too friendly with local sheep.  There is a huge, enclosed doggy play area on-site where we can take our leads off and run around as much as we want.  I'm told that it's 3.5 acres... whatever that means but I do know that there's a path round it for those who only have 2 legs and don't want to run around like a crazy thing!   

They expect our families to "pick up" after us... and I don't just mean our toys!  But that keeps the place nice for everyone else.


There's loads of places for a great day out.  I go to Coed y Brenin, the forest just down the road from Cadair View Lodge, most days.  There's lots of paths for our families to walk on and lots of places for us to explore.  I make it my policy to NEVER walk in a straight line there.  I run from one side of the path to the other... there's so much to explore I don't want to miss an inch of it!  And there's new smells every day.  I now know where all of the good ball washing puddles are too (and the best mud!).

This is a photo of where I walk in Coed y Brenin... can you see me?  I've just run over the top of the hill - again!

We've got endless miles of countryside for walkies.  Your family will probably be worn out before you are.  Make sure that they take a drink for you and some poop bags... in case you are "inspired" by the scenery, something to dry your paws on before you get into the car and maybe a snack and a drink for them (they'll need their energy to keep up with you!).  Our friends at Walks Around Britain have put some doggy walk information together here.

And, of course, there's the beach... my favourite!  I love to swim even on the coldest days and I can run and run and run!  It's great fun to chase the seagulls - I've never caught one and I don't know what I'd do if I did catch one.  Dogs can go on the beaches around here but in the Summer there are signs which say (I've been told) that we can only go on certain parts of the beach.  I think it's to stop us knocking down other people's sandcastles and splashing small children.  The beaches here are huge and so there's space for everyone.  This is Harlech beach - lots of ball chasing space!
When you bring your family to stay with us remember to tell Aunty Sue in the Office how many humans and how many pets are coming - we can now accept up to 2 dogs per cabin.    She can then work out how much your family will have to pay to stay.  Us dogs are easy... it's 5 for each doggie friend per night, all year around.  Remember to get your family to pack your bedding, your food, your lead, your toys and your towels (you'll want to go swimming and you might need to dry off after running around the forest).

Also remind your family not to leave you by yourself in the Cabin during your stay.  It can be a bit scary being in a strange place by yourself.  Plus you've brought them on this holiday and so you don't deserve to miss out on any of the fun!

Nearly forgot to mention that we always give a warm welcome to guide dogs and hearing dogs and as they're not really here for a holiday they're allowed to stay for free.

Check Out Our "Places That Dogs Can Take Their Families Page"


I'm looking forward to meeting you when you arrive at Cadair View Lodge... I'll probably be on the deck waiting to say "Hello!". 

See you soon

Big Licks To You All

Whiskey x x x

PS.  If you'd like to ask me anything (such as good bone burying places) about staying at Cadair View Lodge email me on

or for the latest gossip and news...

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